Carmenta and Interfell join forces in SaaS Billing Platform


Carmenta and Interfell have bet on technological innovation and this time they present a new success case to develop TICOPAY: a SaaS web platform for electronic invoicing and billing for Costa Rica. The professional talents connected through both Companies, execute development, marketing and sales processes and operations pioneer in Latin America, allowing through Remote Work to promote a Virtual Company Culture that materializes innovation projects for the growth of Costa Rica.

We present the characteristics of the project:


The Goal:

To develop Ticopay, an electronic invoicing platform (Asp. net, Azure, SQL) for the Costa Rica public, of simple assimilation, that could be implemented with facility and achieve the launching of the product to the local market within the pre-established time limits, taking into account the enforcement of the recent law and resolution Nº DDGT-R-48-2016, in which it is decreed the obligatory nature of the implementation and use of an electronic invoicing system, electronic ticket, credit note and electronic debit as vouchers for the support of income, costs and expenses, from 2017, in Costa Rica.

The challenges:

  1. -Develop an online billing platform whose service would be viable, easily assimilated by the Costa Rica public and that would respond to the new Costa Rica legislation in record time.
  2. -To have a robust backend structure that would allow high transactional capacity to enable an electronic invoicing process to multiple users in an optimal way.
  3. -To implement UI/UX elements within the product to be developed, which would allow the public to quickly master and use the tool.
  4. – Establish a first level Business and Customer Service team to provide Ticopay users with the best possible service.
  5. – To reduce operational costs as much as possible without putting at risk the quality of the product.

The solution:

Carmenta and Interfell in synergy, managed to locate the professional talent and formed fully remote first organization responding to market needs:

  1. – A development team was established for Ticopay that developed in the required time and without interruptions the minimum viable product requested.
  2. – The software architecture was deployed under scalable standards for high transactionality and the UI/UX design corresponding to the needs of end users.
  3. – A customer service team was formed in the Sales and End User Support area.

Interfell focused on ensuring that the objectives were met in full, guaranteeing the operation of an effective virtual enterprise that was evident in the final results. Once the product was created and launched, the expected expectations were met, thus improving the company’s projection within the Costa Rica market.

The Key Players:

Veronica Figuera. Operations Manager:

«For me it’s a real challenge to be part of this project. The experience it has left me with has been incredible: skills in Digital Marketing, strategies to support our sales force and distribution, techniques to improve the service to our clients, knowledge of the business. The beginning of this great challenge was to have managed to deliver the Minimum Viable Product of Ticopay. I am proud to be part of this team and to see how our Electronic Invoicing product, Ticopay, has evolved. Besides, being part of the transformation of this country in its invoicing and collection processes is something truly satisfying. I thank Interfell for giving me the opportunity to be part of this Project and its teleworking community».

Nelson Gonzalez. Co-owner of Carmenta

«The key to success with our business partner Interfell has been the empowerment and identification with our business; in a win-win situation. A synergy was created that has proved to be much more than expected, finding the best human resource for the operation, connected and empowered from the beginning with our vision. Practically 95% of our business is done remotely with a high quality service. Interfell is always one step ahead and is involved in helping us with our operations, marketing and sales strategies».

Daniel Juarez. Co-CEO of Interfell:

«The development of Ticopay is our main success case in IT Staffing and Remote-first business formation. It has been demonstrated that Remote Work has unlimited potential. Any project with clearly defined objectives and a high performance and committed team has a guaranteed future. We hope to continue supporting Carmenta mission and thus continue leading the electronic invoicing and billing market in Costa Rica».

The results:

Ticopay has established itself as a leader in the Costa Rica market and is a reference as a provider of electronic billing solutions. The local market has responded favorably and new users are added to the platform daily so that plans are already being established for positioning the product at an international level.

At Interfell, we are pleased to share with you our achievements, in this way we seek to encourage more people to join the Remote Working phenomenon. We want to share and encourage you to learn about the benefits of this new type of work that every day transcends borders and offers countless benefits for those who decide to venture into this model, offering the possibility of working from anywhere in the world through digital tools.



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