Gmat Dudes and Interfell develop e-learning platform in Peru


INTERFELL launches its first success story of the year with remote talent staffing.

Together with GMAT Dudes, we undertook the development of a digital educational platform that serves those students interested in improving their results in the Graduate Management Admission Test.

The Objective

The main objective of GMAT Dudes was to create, evolve and improve an interactive digital e-learning platform (developed with chamilo, php, javascript, bootstrap) so that students entering your institution would have the opportunity to receive and share knowledge from the comfort of their homes without the need to move to a facility to see their class in person. Providing solid and personalized training from the Graduate Management Admission Test.

The Challenges

GMAT Dudes is constantly looking for technological innovation to provide a better service to its users. The need to build, improve, a functional and profitable digital platform made them look for a solution that would allow them:

  1. Add to their team a group of frontend and backend programmers qualified for the development and improvement of the web platform.
  2. Establish a cohesive and effective work team.
  3. Establish achievable goals and planning accordingly.
  4. To make a constant pursuit of the development works assuring the success of the project.
  5. To make profitable the investment in human resources achieving positive results for the organization.

The Solution

GMAT Dudes chose INTERFELL as a talent provider because of

  1. A talent selection process with no initial cost allowing to establish a qualified team without risk.
  2. The talent community pursues the same vision: DOING THINGS WELL AND DOING THEM AS A TEAM. This allowed to establish cohesion in the team immediately.
  3. The INTERFELL team was directly and effectively involved in the process of defining objectives and methodology of teleworking.
  4. The work of the IT RECRUITER was vital in accompanying the team at all times.
  5. INTERFELL Business Model, based on teleworking, allows recruitment of skilled talent in a very profitable way from anywhere in Latin America.

Key Players 

Mariano Aguilar Co – Founder of GMAT Dudes.

«I chose INTERFELL for its recruitment process and business model. I had personalized attention from day one. The talent selection process with an established criteria and extensive experience in technological development made the difference. They constantly make the necessary follow-up, forming great work teams and above all very accessible costs».

Edwin Mosquera INTERFELL Backend Developer

«With GMAT Dudes, the treatment has been excellent, always in contact with the technology manager and the founder of the project. We were able to quickly establish effective ways of communication to solve concerns or to raise new functionalities for the platform. With INTERFELL and the other members of the team we have established a productive relationship helping us to fulfill the activities and action plans assigned». Geraldine Tovitto INTERFELL IT Talent Recruiter «Thanks to INTERFELL I have come to have a good growth in the work environment, allowing me to see how far I can go, for me, there is no limit and this project is proof of that.»

The Result

Each objective was accomplished  providing good results in the functioning, operations and stability of the web platform. The project was developed in the desired time and budget. The students of the platform can now train online, they can acquire all the documentation and services needed to enhance their knowledge. GMAT Dudes strengthens its management and digital tools, guaranteeing the stability of its project and the projection of its e-learning platform, taking another step towards fulfilling its business mission

INTERFELL does not stop, the community grows in numbers, in scope and in achievements. We continue our mission to develop profitable and useful projects in Latin American and global society, as pioneers and leaders in the remote work market.

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