How in 6 months ThePowerMBA achieved a 150% increase in registrations with a 100% remote sales force


ThePowerMBA is a Spanish business school dedicated to providing remote programs and master’s degrees through the innovative methodology of micro-learning: 15-minute online classes. Currently, it offers 4 programs: ThePowerMBA, ThePowerDigitalMarketing, ThePowerECommerce, and Future Leaders. All of them dedicated to expanding practical knowledge of business management, digital transformation, and leadership.

It is a growing organization that, in just 3 years, serves more than 40,000 students in 30 countries. ThePowerMBA also trains employees of more than 400 top companies worldwide.

The Goal.

ThePowerMBA was interested in establishing this strategic alliance with Interfell in order to enter and consolidate itself into Latin America as the leader in online business training, through the recruitment of professionals.

The Challenges.

1) To provide Interfell’s know-how and expertise to ThePowerMBA regarding staffing, recruiting, payroll, and management of human resources in the face of the legal, administrative, and banking complexities involved in managing remote professionals from Europe to Latin America.

2) Support the growth and consolidation of ThePowerMBA in the region through the generation of fast and timely solutions and remote team building.

3) Anticipate potential issues, bottlenecks, and legal obstacles regarding staffing, recruiting, and payroll that may affect ThePowerMBA’s goal.

4) To watch over the satisfaction, good performance, and management of the hired human resources.

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The Key Players.

-Luis Gustavo Peccicacco. Head of Latam ThePowerMBA.

«Interfell has been a great help for us to enter the Latin American market. Although we speak the same language, the cultural gap between Spain and Latin America is big. And we want to be able to access this market of more than 600 million people in the best way, with solid, legal, and reliable administrative processes, and our strategic ally Interfell offers us that opportunity. The laws, the taxes, the administrative procedures are different, and we want our team to feel confident, receive their salary on time, and be able to make successful and effective additions to the team in the shortest possible time.»

-Juanma Rodriguez. Founder & Co-CEO of Interfell.

«It is very important for us to provide ThePowerMBA with our strength, commitment, and experience with remote work. We will be of great help in their consolidation in Latin America and we want to be part of that expansion. We want to support them in their establishment in the market of MBA’s programs in the region and that both, ThePowerMBA and Interfell, manage to strengthen each other in a relationship that is already making waves, at the same speed as Netflix».

Results and Expectations.

1) The first results materialized in February 2020 with the hiring of 7 sales representatives located in Peru and Mexico. Today there are 35 professionals who have been hired through Interfell and operate in Latam for ThePowerMBA, including growth also in Chile and Colombia, with the trend to continue opening new operations in other markets and countries in the region.

2) Logically, with the growth of the hired personnel and the great efforts plus the focus of each hired member, the number of new students has grown, resulting in the community of students enrolled in ThePowerMBA’s master’s programs has grown from 2,000 initial students to more than 5,000 enrolled today, a growth of 150%. 

3) And it is expected to maintain these growth rates, and that by 2021 the community of enrolled students will reach 35,000 students, which would represent a growth of more than 7 times.

Undoubtedly, a new success case that has strengthened the forms of distance education, which today with the pandemic is shown as an alternative of change and efficient solution, by its form and methodology, generating the opportunity to train and overcome all the obstacles that happen in the world, to be better people and professionals tomorrow.

And as we know, these habits take root and the achievements attained by the students will translate into better jobs and higher incomes. And this translates into growth and transformation of our present for the future. And we are all betting on it.

In this way, the educational offer of ThePowerMBA, highly flexible and adaptable to different contingencies, will surely continue

Cheers for ThePowerMBA and Interfell!