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How Litermi increased by 300% its ROI in pandemic with remote staffing services.

How Litermi increased by 300% its ROI in pandemic with remote staffing services.

In the final days of 2019, Interfell signed an agreement with Litermi for providing remote web developers in AngularJS, due to how difficult it was to find them on the saturated Uruguayan market, and thus began a fruitful win-win relationship between both organizations.

Then came SARS-CoV-2 health crisis and Litermi’s remote talent hiring needs grew up significantly, a growth that demanded more staffing and payroll efforts by Interfell, a story we present below:

Litermi is a Uruguayan company established in 2017 dedicated to development, operation and marketing of gambling applications that operates with the main online gaming websites, where it provides its services for the sector’s most reputable brands. It has more than 60 members in its extended team and a core team of 12 key players including managers, a staff ready and willing to serve customers in distributed and culturally diverse environments, through web applications development as well as through automation of affiliate marketing campaigns and social media.

Litermi’s Goal.

Litermi’s goal is to provide its clients with the best access to everything related to online gambling market, offering them personalized customer care services, based on a diverse and socially engaged business culture, and supported by most advanced online marketing tools in the market.

Its mission is «to be agents of change to creatively transform its clients, so they can go from their reality to their dreams.»

Challenges assumed.

  1. Hire quality back-end (Laravel-PHP) and front-end (AngularJS) web developers to meet high customer demand and achieve on-time product development.
  2. Achieve effective management and onboarding of the hired team.
  3. Establish administrative dynamics for adapting to distance contracting modality.
  4. Ensuring the good performance of hired human resources.

Solutions Provided.

  1. Supported by our talent database in LATAM and our dedicated recruiters team, we successfully execute the remote staffing service and locate the best professional profiles, according to Litermi’s needs.
  2. We permanently accompany the client in their requirements, anticipating the challenges of talent acquisition, through our Senior Business Developer Andrea Perez.
  3. We support Litermi in contracts management and remote talent international payments through our PayRoll service.
  4. We constantly monitor satisfaction and performance of hired personnel, in terms of their KPI’s, through our Talent Support department.


Daniel Emert, Litermi General Manager. 

«I am an outsourcing evangelist.» «I recommend Interfell.»

«One of the main problems we had at Litermi before establishing our relationship with Interfell was we lacked collaborators in specific areas of technology.» «And Uruguay is such a saturated market that it is not easy to find bright people» (who are available).

“Our first 2 collaborators turned out so much better than I expected. In addition, dealing with Andrea (Senior Business Developer at Interfell) has been both professional and friendly at all times. A crystal-clear relationship from the beginning that gave me confidence”.

Thanks to the relationship with Interfell, «we definitely improved the quality of our products and also the TTM». «As an intangible result, my FTEs team is much better prepared to work in distributed and culturally diverse environments.»

And in relation to our question, What would you tell someone in a similar situation to yours?. Daniel Emert concluded, «Call them. Not all situations are the same, but I’m sure (Interfell) will find one that fits to your needs.» 

Andrea Pérez. Senior Business Developer at Interfell Corp. 

«For us, working with Litermi has been very satisfying.» «They are a model company, they are very well organized and they are very compliant with their commitments.»

«We get along very well with both the company managers and the talents.»

«We have covered their remote talent requirements in AngularJS, PHP-Laravel and Digital Marketing Profiles, and we have been able to help them with contract management on legal and administrative matters.»

«Additionally, the fact they can outsource through Interfell the issues of hiring and payments of talents, talents that are in different parts of LATAM, allows us to facilitate their work ”.

Results Achieved.

  1. We renewed a good part of Litermi’s payroll, going from 2 to 13 web developers in less than 12 months.
  2. We got Litermi to increase its ROI by 300%.
  3. We gave a prompt and timely response in international contracts and payments to the hired remote talents from different LATAM places.
  4. And we contribute to «products quality improving company and its TTM”, according to Daniel Emert, who “does not hesitate to recommend us”.

These are satisfactory and promising results that show how Litermi grows significantly and how it consolidates itself as one of the most important gambling and online betting marketing platforms in LATAM, a consolidation of which we are pleased to be a part and to which we hope to continue contributing.

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Julio Juárez S.

Senior Copywriter

Marketing Department, Interfell Corp.