Interfell supports AWTO to consolidate its Carsharing platform


On this occasion we would like to talk about a new success story at Interfell, the one achieved at Carsharing with our customer AWTO in Chile and its expansion to Argentina.

AWTO is a company dedicated to vehicle rental based in Santiago de Chile, with several customer service points throughout the Chilean geography, and which has an important fleet ranging from motorcycles, cars, camping vehicles to cargo and moving trucks.


The goal:

  • – The company’s objective was to consolidate its digital platform of Carsharing services with a view to making AWTO the leading car rental company in South America. This platform was initially contracted to Indian programmers without obtaining the expected results, due to the time change, language and cultural differences.


The challenges:

  • – Compose a team of remote talent with specific skills, effective and profitable for the maintenance and consolidation of the digital platform.
  • – Rebuild the confidence and feasibility of remote talent solutions.
  • – Seek to expand the company’s operations to new markets.
  • – Develop in-house solutions, proprietary software, applications for mobile devices and for GPS tracking of leased units.


The solution:

  • – Interfell was able to locate, recruit and hire the specialized professional talent that enabled the development and improvement of the company’s digital platform.
  • – Establishing a highly competitive and professional team, which achieved an important synergy and communication between the parties, between the company’s management, the project management and the remote talent hired.
  • – To make a constant follow-up by Interfell support and monitoring team to ensure the success of the project.
  • – Reduce costs and make the investment in human resources profitable by hiring remote talent.


The Key Players:

Sebastián Breit, Technology Manager at AWTO:

«Interfell supported us in a critical moment of our startup, in which we needed support for the development area through talents with specific experiences».

«Thanks to their fast management, not only have we incorporated professionals from various countries to our development team and managed to position ourselves as the largest Carsharing service in South America, but we can also boast of having developed in-house solutions and proprietary software».

«Outsourcing with Interfell has worked wonders for us and we will certainly continue to work with them.

Fernando Díaz. Programmer:

«In the strictly professional aspect I was able to successfully tackle the project of the AWTO application that the Indian team could not achieve» «Since I joined the team I felt I was in a process of constant advancement, where I could provide better customer service». «Sebastian has great vision and has hired excellent talent.»

«Working remotely allowed me to improve my quality of life. I was able to leave Mexico City (Mexico) and return to my city (Pachuca), reducing transfers and being able to spend more time with my family. I improved my health and nutrition and even found time to devote to my favorite hobbies (chess and cycling)».

«Thank you Interfell for giving me the opportunity.

Geraldine Tovitto. Interfell Business Manager:

«The experience of working with AWTO was very good. Initially they had little receptivity to teleworking and we managed to change that perception to remote working. Even after recruiting Fernando Diaz, the Java programmer, who did an excellent job in the different frameworks he implemented (in Spring, SpringBoot and Hibernate), and in the Android application for mobile devices, AWTO published an application for a face-to-face position, which they were unable to fill, and at Interfell we managed to support them by hiring new remote talent».

«It was very positive to work with them, to the point that AWTO managed to expand its operations to Argentina,» said Sebastian Breit, «seeking to consolidate itself as the most important Carsharing platform in South America.

Leonardo Varela. IT Recruiter:

«It was very satisfactory to recruit talent for AWTO. Fernando Díaz has shown to be a very responsible programmer, fulfilling all the objectives and demands established by the company». «During the follow-up, he showed great ability, making corrections to the project».


The results:

  • – AWTO managed to develop its digital Carsharing platform, expanding its operations to new markets (Argentina).
  • – AWTO was able to develop in-house solutions, and proprietary software and applications for mobile devices, which together with its network of tracking units via GPS, will allow it to position itself as the most important driverless car rental service in South America.
  • – AWTO evolved its perception of remote talent recruitment, teleworking, seeing the importance.
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