Barcelona has become a leading technological development hub in Europe and the world. This greatly benefits the local ecosystem, and has considerably increased the supply of opportunities for IT professionals. However, this growth brings with it a new challenge for companies and institutions: The acquisition and retention of talent.

Aware of this great challenge, the European University Foundation for Public Relations, specifically the School of Public Relations, a centre attached to the University of Barcelona, has entrusted the Interfell Recruiters team with the task of incorporating two Developers specialized in JS Angular technologies, PHP and Linux to join the team on a face-to-face basis.

The demand for professional profiles like this in Barcelona is high. Achieving the right match between an institution with high standards such as the reference center and the talent available in the city presented a major challenge for our headhunting team.

The Interfell team successfully located two ideal candidates for the organisation who are already part of the development team. Currently, under the leadership of the head of IT services, they are involved in educational innovation projects using platforms such as Moodle, developing internal networks on software application development for administrative and operational management of the study centre.

Being able to provide a solution to this prestigious institution fills us with pride and marks the successful start of Interfell HeadHunting service in Europe. What an excellent way to start!

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