Jooycar is a Chilean company founded in 2014 that, based on the Internet of Things (IoT), developed a technological platform that connects vehicles to the cloud, recording and analyzing a large amount of data in real time, making cars into intelligent vehicles.

The company generates value through the creation of products of interest to both the individual user and the insurance companies, which can offer policies adjusted to the characteristics of the customers, depending on the use and mileage that the drivers give to their cars, policies where the customer «pays for what he uses» (Usage Based Insurance).

Technology with which Jooycar revolutionizes the automotive insurance industry in Chile, and which has allowed it to exceed 10 thousand vehicles insured in this country and is beginning to consolidate its steps internationally, landing its products in Peru and Mexico during 2019.

The Challenges:

Among the main challenges that Jooycar has set for itself in terms of its human team, it is worth mentioning:

  1. To form highly competent and competitive work teams who, with a flexible and agile work methodology, manage to respond with quality and resilience to the organization’s growth demands.
  2. Generate the best experience for its users with a focus on building from people
  3. To promote the growth and internationalization of the company.

Rodrigo Labbé, CEO of Jooycar, comments on the contribution of remote work and how Interfell management has been significant in taking on such challenges:

«In Jooycar we firmly believe in the benefits of remote work. Today technology allows us to generate spaces for interaction and communication», which «helps us to work in different countries».

«Interfell has helped us to have talent in a timely and flexible manner, because we need speed to respond to our customers and quality in recruitment to generate the best experience for our users».

And «Karen (talent recruited and hired by Interfell) has successfully joined the Customer Experience and Support team, where a mix of technical talent with soft skills is required. She has supported us in the management of new clients incorporated into our technology, having a quick adaptation period and a very positive evaluation from her peers».

In addition to Rodrigo Labbé’s opinions; Karen Suárez brings us:

«For me the satisfaction is double. On the one hand, the good treatment, communication and the relationship of respect established with Interfell, which has exceeded my expectations. The way they handle the whole process of pre-selection, selection, hiring and follow-up with the company is excellent».

«On the other hand, the distance working relationship that I have established with Jooycar has been very rewarding, I have felt comfortable, they have given me a lot of support, I have received all the inductions when necessary. I have always tried to do my best. Jooycar’s staff is highly trained and highly humane, which has made my adjustment comfortable and easy».

«Thank you, Interfell, for making things easier and for all the support you’ve received.»

Andrea Pérez R, Interfell Business Developer, in closing, says: «The relationship with Jooycar since the beginning has been successful. The communication between both parties has been fluid and they (Jooycar) were very precise with the features they were looking for in the new remote member. We set out to search for him in our robust talent database. We found him, presented him to the client and he accepted. Karen started working with them remotely and the results have been largely satisfactory. The entire Interfell team is very pleased and satisfied that they have done a good job, another achievement.

Jooycar Future Plans:

Jooycar is in the phase of scaling up and internationalizing its company, already having presence in 3 countries: Chile, Mexico and Peru, through a line of business for people and with an innovative product oriented to fleets.

And in the medium term, Jooycar expects to be able to market their products and services in the United States, for which they have already raised funds in the order of USD 3.000,000 in an investment round that was led by the Miami-based capital fund HSC Capital. And of course, to consolidate their leadership position in Latin America.

At Interfell, we will always be very attentive to Jooycar’s talent requirements and we will certainly continue to provide our experience, a large database and the know-how in the recruitment and selection of quality human resources, which we know will guarantee the excellence of its operations.