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Looking for your first job? Don’t miss these 9 skills


Getting a job is for some, a roller coaster of emotions, where uncertainty may predominate. This feeling can be strong even if you are looking for your first job.

We’ve all seen job offers from companies that request talent with a soft skill set; more than 5 years of experience and an age between 20-25 years! This means that you should be gaining work experience from the age of 15! Disconcerting, isn’t it?

Here’s a list of 9 digital skills that we’re sure can help you get a job. 

  1. Social Networking

It is essential to acquire knowledge of how social networks function as communication channels to identify the company’s target market. Analyzing the metrics and interpreting the data is the key to good social media communication skills. Tools like Hootsuite and Semrush can help you, although the reports of the networks themselves are also very complete.

The dynamic relationships between your brand, influencers, and potential consumers will be strengthened and consolidated through social networks, and the planned conversion and sales objectives will become achievable.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

A well-positioned website in search engines is the basis for the success of any brand. It is an advantage to experience in Search Engine Marketing  (SEM).

Every day more than 6.5 billion searches are made on the internet, 77% of which occur only on Google, and marketing specialists, content managers, and webmasters know this. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize websites and advertising campaigns to climb to the top positions in search engines and ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

  1. Metrics

The trend towards the use of data in digital marketing is growing and is generally associated with SEM. The point is to know what data is most useful to collect and measure when designing sales strategies to maximize campaigns’ effectiveness and achieve the best return on investment.

So get busy studying metrics and get ready to work with them, because as Peter Drucker says, «if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.» 

  1. Content Marketing

The success of a website or social networking page depends on its content. Whether it’s infographics, podcasts, blog articles, videos or, HR updates, content is the key, and it’s what makes it possible for customers to learn the benefits of a product or service.

Develop your ability to produce engaging and relevant content, associated with keywords, and easily be inserted into marketing strategies. As you know, content is a determining factor for the success of any advertising campaign. 

  1. Responsive Design

 Almost two-thirds of the world’s population uses cell phones, and 55% of active mobile connections are generated on smartphones.

Search engine providers have understood this. The largest of them, Google, with more than the ¾ parts of the search market, has optimized its website for mobile devices to facilitate searches for those who do not use desktops. It has also created a web application exclusively for smartphones to favor usability and improve search speed.

Keep this in mind and get ready to work with the latest developments in mobile search and improving UX (user experiences).

  1. Strategy and Planning

Strategic planning in digital marketing agendas allows you to see measurable results over time. Training in the planning and development of digital strategies is undoubtedly a good way to be taken into account when applying for a job.

Establishing specific KPIs and identifying methods for measuring indicators can contribute to increasing sales and the appreciation of employers’ efforts.

  1. Social Sales

To be successful in sales, it is vital to have experience in sales technologies. Companies are understanding this and are investing in new «sales stack» technologies beyond a CRM, using e-mail tracking tools, productivity applications, and sales intelligence software.

90% of the most successful vendors rely on the use of social sales tools, and according to LinkedIn, about 70% admit to relying on networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, which significantly impact their revenues.

Social marketing tools can effectively connect with and influence consumers, especially among those with better performance.

  1. PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a popular marketing option for brands with large budgets to get traffic quickly by paying for their search results to appear easily in search engines’ top positions.

The Google AdWords program is a prevalent example of this form of paid marketing. However, there is a disparity of criteria regarding the profitability of the modality. According to Econsultancy, only 22% of companies are satisfied with their current conversion rates, close to 1.1% for every dollar invested.

For job seekers, understanding the meaning of impressions, reach, cost per click, and click rates, are competitive skills that will help them significantly when it comes to being valued in interviews.

  1. Video

Video is a driver of content in social networks. It is understood by YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and almost all social networks, and that’s how companies have also understood it.

So don’t be afraid of the cameras. Record, edit, become an expert in the production of small videos. Video content is easy to consume, more so than its written counterparts. Also, they are more entertaining and appealing to millennials. Their use in business opens a horizon of unsuspected opportunities, combining social video with emotional content and digital advertising, where the sky’s the limit.

In addition to these digital skills, you must remember to value the emotions of those around you, be respectful, and try to act with flexibility and good disposition to different circumstances, always with the most positive tone, words, and gestures.

Surely the pleasant interactions between you and your co-workers will make the workplace a better place for everyone’s growth, development, and progress.


Author : Julio Juarez Soriano

Senior content writer, Interfell

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