Makinen: Technical cruise specialists work with Interfell


We want to share a new project carried out in the United States with MAKINEN, in which, its Operations Vice President, Tarja Stephens, required the transformation of its administrative and informative processes, to create an intranet that would allow to optimize, scale and definitively improve all its internal operative procedures.


The Goal:

To develop Makinen Intranet on O365 Sharepoint; a business productivity and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft, which offers a complete and functional solution suitable for sharing information, data and applying interdepartmental processes to improve the global management of a multinational company.


The Challenges

  1. Organize a large flow of information and documentation from Makinen three offices in Finland, the United States and China.
  2. Ensure the protection of information and related data.
  3. Improve logistics in manufacturing and remodeling processes.
  4. Optimize communication between members of the company globally.
  5. Establish structures and interdepartmental work processes.
  6. Enable better decision making in project management based on up-to-date information.


The solution

The Interfell team, achieved the development of the Intranet forming a solid business collaboration platform, through which, through all its components and functions, MAKINEN will now be able to optimize its document, information and project management processes. Here are the details of the solution:

  1. The intranet allows the interconnection of information, documents and news between the three offices in Finland, USA and China, speeding up the decision making processes through a constantly updated cloud information center.
  2. The selected technology, Microsoft O365 Sharepoint, has security standards in its platform and data center that allow effective data protection, information governance and trust to its users.
  3. All members of the company worldwide are integrated into the intranet, achieving real-time updating of information, updating relevant news generated by the 3 offices of Makinen and different production stations and remodeling of cruise ships around the world. This allows for better communication by streamlining logistical and operational processes.
  4. The intranet channels the flow of data generated by the different offices and stations worldwide, allowing a specific framework, standardizing processes worldwide.


Key Players:

Tarja Stephens (Vice President of Makinen):

«Thank you very much for your invaluable help in creating our company’s intranet. Your experience in handling the planning, design and programming of our intranet has been quite professional. Special thanks to Maria who has been there, helping out when needed during these last months. We could not have done it without her wisdom. We sincerely appreciate her efficiency, level of detail and responsibility that she has demonstrated in each project, as well as the way she handles her work as a whole. Our company could not be more satisfied with your work. We look forward to continuing to work as a team.»

María Eugenia Pérez (Partner of Interfell USA)

«The experience of working with Makinen has been extraordinary. The contribution of the company, the leadership of its CEO, and the vision and strategies clearly defined by its Vice President of Operations, have been the reasons for the success achieved. Working with them, and interpreting what the company was looking for, has been a hard work that became a clear mission for them by performing tactical operations as part of their new business methodology.

Company leaders promote change, and professionals like those at Interfell make these transformations possible.

Congratulations to the Interfell team and to the Vice President of Makinen for these achievements!»

Yavanna Aranguren (Interfell Talent):

«It has been a very interesting project, since I was able to learn and apply my professional skills in Microsoft’s O365 Sharepoint, providing quality work in professional areas that were not very developed by me, such as the part of the web page design and customization. It was a good work experience to share with the team that formed Interfell for this project, since the work was done in an efficient way and with excellent communication, solving the problems immediately and obtaining excellent results for Makinen«.


The results:

The company manages to optimize its document and information management processes, update news between offices, improve handling and security of information. Finally, the centralized and updated communication between departments around the world, greatly enhances and provides better tools.

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