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Android Developer

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Habilidades requeridas

  • Agile Methodologies
  • Automated Testing
  • Design Paterns
  • Java
  • Native Android

Diana Infante

27 Active Positions

Job Description


  1. Makers of Firewall, Dialed, and Burner, one of the top-grossing independent apps in the world. Their mission is to build best-in-class software products that empower their millions of customers with better control of their privacy, communications, and identity,

To Do – (Activities)

  1. Development of native NAtive Andowhile working on an agile team
    2. Support the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support)
    3. Write clean, maintainable native application code for Android
    4. Ensure app performance, quality, and responsiveness
    5. Package apps for deployment to Google Play Store and help with automation tasks
    6. Transform designs into awesome and functional user experiences
    7. Keep up to date knowledge of emerging Android technologies



  1. Profession: Android Developer


  1. Experience level: Mid Senior 4+ years

Required Technical Skills:

  1. 3+ years with Kotlin or Java and Android SDK
  2.  Worked on at least one application published to the Google Play store
  3. Experience with the various means of automated testing (junit4/5, robolectric, espresso)
  4. Experience with modern mobile software design patterns (MVP, MVI, MVVM, etc)
  5. Knowledge of popular 3rd party Android tools and apis
  6. Experience with RXJava, Kotlin Coroutines, Dagger2, AndroidX (lifecycle, workmanager, etc)
  7. Ability to diagnose problems and solve them independently
  8. Experience working with distributed, agile teams

Complementary Skills

  1. Experience with Google Play Billing is a bonus

Soft Skills

  1. Curiosity drives you to explore new ideas, technology and experiences which influence your skills and growth


  1. English C1- C2


Working Hours:

  1.  9am-5pm  (20-40 horas a la semana)


  1.  Monday – Friday

Job Modality:

  1. Remote

Communication tools:

  1.  Email
  2. Slack


Technical evidence required:

  1. Requires submitting technical evidence?: No


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Tags: Agile Methodologies, Automated Testing, Design Paterns, Java, KOTLIN, Native Android

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