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Full Stack Engineer

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Habilidades requeridas

  • Apollo
  • AWS
  • Django
  • Docker
  • GraphQL
  • NextJS
  • Pandas
  • React
  • Typescript

Alejandra Quiroz

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Job Description


  1. Our client helps eCommerce Brands optimize their business. They provide visibility into their unit economics, marketing channels and customer retention, allowing Brands to identify their best customers and measure campaign effectiveness. They are a data first company; They load it, transform it, and tell stories with it.

To Do – (Activities)

  1. You will work closely with the technical co-founder and our customers to lead their UI/UX efforts. They are looking for people that are comfortable with the following:
    1. Designing and implementing performant front-end architectures.
    2. Building new data visualization and caching strategies.
    3. Collaborating with designers, engaging with customers, and communicating 4. API requirements to backend developers.
    5. Testing everything.

    Hard Problems They Are Solving
    1. Analytics: They provide their customers with a full-service product for understanding their business. By aggregating transactional, marketing, and operations data and running (fast) calculations over them, we help them save money and decide where to invest it. Some key projects include building compositional visualizations and improving UI performance.
    2. Powerful dashboards: Telling a story around why a business is growing (or hurting) is personal. They spend time building meaningful visualizations anchored in marketing best practices and sound accounting. They are currently working on surfacing cohort-driven metrics and white-labeled deployments.
    3. Machine Learning: They help Brands plan for the future using modern predictive techniques. Some modeling projects include item bundling, inventory forecasting, and sales projections.



  1. Profession: Full Stack Frontend Engineer


  1. Experience level: 3+ years of production React experience.

Required Technical Skills:

  1.  Front-end: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, NextJs, Apollo, Jest, Enzyme
  2. Back-end: Python, Django, GraphQL (graphene), pandas, numpy, pytest
  3. Infrastructure: AWS, Airflow, Terraform, Docker
  4. UI Knowledge

Complementary Skills

1. Experience with Python and full-stack development.
2. Design experience with Figma.
3. Interest in the eCommerce and/or consumer space.
4. Desire to work in a startup and the hustle to move mountains. As their first UI hire, you will be instrumental in creating culture and owning foundational components of their system.

Soft Skills

1. Team player
2. Responsible
3. Self Driven


  1. English


Working Hours:

  1. 9am-6pm EST (Availability por PCT meetings)


  1. Monday – Friday

Job Modality:

  1. Remote

Communication tools:

1. Email
2. Slack
3. Zoom


Technical evidence required:

  1. Yes. Selection process includes Provide Portfolio and Interview CTO. 


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Tags: Apollo, AWS, Django, Docker, GraphQL, NextJS, Pandas, React, Typescript

Ya no es posible postularse a esta vacante.

Comparte esta vacante laboral

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