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iOS Developer

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Habilidades requeridas

  • Agile Methodologies
  • Testing
  • UI Knowledge
  • VIPER Architecture

Alejandra Quiroz

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Job Description


  1. Digital healthcare SaaS pioneer dedicated to driving change and modernizing the way health systems and providers deliver and coordinate patient care. 
  2. By combining design thinking and systems engineering, first-of-its-kind interoperable digital medicine platform allows organizations to harness multiple streams of patient data into a centralized view, allowing for proactive interventions and continuous, high-touch patient care and engagement across multiple specialties and chronic conditions.

To Do – (Activities)

1. Design and implement new features and products for our native iOS application using Swift
2. Make an impact on the architectural design of our overall iOS application
3. Ship efficient, reliable, crash-free code that reaches thousands of patients
4. You are passionate about iteration. You will be integral in driving great features to customers at a rapid data driven pace.
5. Be a part of a cross-functional team collaborating to build software based on data, an understanding of the business, and technical priorities



  1. Profession: iOS Developer


  1. Experience level:  4+ years

Required Technical Skills:

1. 4+ years experience in iOS application development
2. Experience or interest in work with a VIPER architecture
3. A keen interest in testing best practices
4. Great Knowledge regarding UI Elements and custom design
5. In depth knowledge of UI transitions and animations
6. Must feel comfortable with arithmetic oriented UI (graphs and custom drawings)
7. Layout by code (without Storyboard or Xib files)
8. Solid object oriented design knowledge
9. Experience developing and deploying a product in a production environment

Complementary Skills

1. Knowledge of development best practices (Agile, Code Reviews, Linting, Testing)
2. Passionate about contributing to an empowering culture of learning, teaching and personal
3. Testing (TestRail, Selenium+Java, Cypress+JavaScript, Jira, CircleCI, LaunchDarkly)
4. Analytics, Error Capturing (Datadog, Rollbar)
5. Languages (JavaScript, Python)
6. Frameworks (React/Redux, Django)
7. AWS (RDS, EC2, S3)
8. Visualization library (D3)
9. iOS (Viper/Swift)
10. Android (MVVM/Kotlin)

Soft Skills

  1.  Curiosity drives you to explore new ideas, technology and experiences which influence your skills and growth.


  1. English


Working Hours:

  1. 9am-5pm EST


  1. Monday – Friday

Job Modality:

  1. Remote

Communication tools:

1. Email
2. Slack


Technical evidence required:

  1. No.


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Tags: Agile Methodologies, SWIFT, Testing, UI Knowledge, VIPER Architecture

Ya no es posible postularse a esta vacante.

Comparte esta vacante laboral

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