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Backend Developer

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Habilidades requeridas

  • PHI
  • Python
  • React
  • Web Apps.

Eduardo García

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Job Description


  1. It’s mission is to help eliminate COVID-19 and HIV using technology. Since 2015, the mobile-first patient platform has been rooted in empathy, enabling HIPAA-compliant test results to be easily and quickly distributed to patients. They give patients the ability to access their test results or vaccination records anytime, in order to share easily and make healthy choices.

To Do – (Activities)

  1. 1. Build the next generation of products for patients and medical providers to interact with each other, leading to not just improved health and lower costs, but also happier people all around
    2. Writing code (and tests, of course!), looking at others’ code and helping them make it better, launching early and iterating quickly, and coming up with solutions to address rapidly evolving needs as we work to combat the COVID-19 and HIV epidemics.


Are willing and legally able to work in the United States (sorry, no visa sponsorship or international applicants at this time)


  1. Profession: Backend Developer


  1. Experience level:  3-5 years

Required Technical Skills:

  1. Python, Django, and React
    2. Have solid experience building and running production web applications (3+ years)
    3. Familiarity with the healthcare system and how clinics operate
    4. Experience working with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, especially technical integrations
    5. Familiarity working with PHI in a HIPAA-compliant environment
    6. Significant Python experience
    7. Substantial Django experience
    8. Some Django Rest Framework experience, or other work building APIs for native and React apps
    9. A solid understanding of automated testing and belief that a feature is not complete until tests are written
    10. Experience working with underserved populations
    11. Data Analysis experience

Complementary Skills

  1. Are able to communicate clearly and compassionately via Slack, video meetings, and in person with coworkers with diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience
    2. Are comfortable with medical discussions related to sexual health
    3. Have a passion for making a meaningful impact on the health of our users, including those in underserved populations

Soft Skills

  1. Are comfortable knowing when to ask for help
    2. Enjoy mentoring colleagues whose specialties differ from yours


  1. English


Working Hours:

  1. 9am-3pm PCF


  1. Monday – Friday

Job Modality:

  1.  Remote

Communication tools:

  1. Slack, Email


Technical evidence required:

  1. Requires submitting technical evidence?: Yes

  2. Explain the selection process:

  3. Provide Portfolio
  4. Interview CTO


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Tags: PHI, Python, React, Web Apps.

Ya no es posible postularse a esta vacante.

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