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Senior Ruby Developer

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Habilidades requeridas

  • Big Rails Projects
  • Open-source Community
  • PostgreSQL

Alejandra Quiroz

17 Active Positions

Job Description


  1. Our client is a next generation contract and supplier management platform that was born in the cloud and works on any device.
  2. They have a strong focus on collaboration, clear actionable data, obligation and compliance tracking, email alerts and most of all ease of use. They have a ‘zero training’ mantra driving a fanatical focus on usability that results in an application internal stakeholders and suppliers can use effortlessly.

To Do – (Activities)

  1. Contribute, design, build, extend, and support their application
  2. Be involved in all phases of development, from conception to deployment
  3. Maintain quality code with a Code to Test Ratio 1 1.1
  4. Recommend technology, architecture and solutions best suited to solve problems
  5. Participate in daily stand-ups and design sessions with the remote team
  6. Regularly do code review pull requests



  1. Profession: Ruby on Rails Developer


  1. Experience level: 6- 10 years experience (Senior level)

Required Technical Skills:

1. 10+ years overall professional experience
2. 6+ years Ruby on Rails experience
3. A solid understanding of reliable design for big Rails projects
4. Confident with SQL (PostgreSQL in particular)
5. Clean code with understanding of code smells and refactoring
6. Test-driven development – “Test Obsessed”
7. Understanding of front-end development (HTML/HAML/SASS/JS). However, no knowledge of frameworks required.
8. Experience of delivering large development projects

Complementary Skills

1. Obsessed with Ruby
2. Tangible contribution to the open-source community or trackable record of public talks

Soft Skills

1. Team player
2. Responsible
3. Self Driven


  1. English


Working Hours:

  1.  8am-5pm COL (Client works wit UTC)


  1. Monday-Friday

Job Modality:

  1. Remote

Communication tools:

 1. Email
2. Slack


Technical evidence required:

  1. Yes. Selection process includes Interview CTO and Interview CEO.


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Tags: Big Rails Projects, HTML/JS, Open-source Community, PostgreSQL

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