SR UI Developer


Our client is currently engaged in a 2 month Strategic Discovery session with Client to outline a high level Product Roadmap, and MVP Plan to develop the Front-end experience for a customer product. The term the Client uses to describe this, is a Customer Portal.
Our client will continue to provide Project and Product Management support, as well as Product Design creation and execution between April 1 and Dec 30, 2021.
The team defined in this RFP will report and be directed and managed by the Client IT team underneath theoverall Tech Lead of the business unit.

Technical requirements:

7-10 Years of Experience building complex Web Applications.
Focus on building reusable, data driven components.
Expertise in pixel matching and staying in sync with a Design System in XD
Languages specifically Required:

Front-end Frameworks, 99s Preference is React (3-5 years of experience)
Experience developing components against a Product Design System, and ideally using Storybook.




Working hours: 9am-5pm Eastern Time

Workdays: Monday – Friday

Work mode: Remote

Communication Tools:
1. Email
2. Slack


Requires submitting technical evidence?: No. Portfolio or Github is required.
Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $4,000.00 – $5,600.00 per month