Sintesis and Interfell optimize biometric payment platforms through the Biometric SDK 10.0 system

During 2018, Interfell consolidated new projects at an international level that continue to add successes to our Platform, where clients and Professional Talent connect, and also, promote and develop entrepreneurship in our region. In this opportunity, we would like to share with you our latest achievement with SINTESIS, a company with more than 23 years of experience and dedicated to the digital transformation of the payments ecosystem, offering services such as: fund distribution, collections, policies, electronic sales, remittances, bonds, biometric transactional systems, among others. Its headquarters are located in Bolivia.


The objective

To strengthen the biometric services offered by the SINTESIS platform ( AFIS/ABIS, Java, 2EE, APache, TomCat) to its customers, in order to keep up with market demands, and to provide comprehensive services.


The Challenges

  1. To propose a solution whose development required finding a professional talent specialized and experienced in the area of systems development, specifically in Biometrics.
  2. To adapt, modify and update the computer base of SINTESIS in Biometrics.
  3. Fulfill the expectations required for the development and operation of the system.


The solution

Interfell, supported by its extensive database of professional talents, through search and selection processes, was able to locate the professional trained in the area of biometrics for Sintesis.
A functional software by modules was developed and implemented in order to update the biometrics platform.
The platform has managed to develop versatility and compatibility with the local technological market and with the current services it offers, improving the quality and security indicators of the systems it serves. Currently, the project continues to develop and scale.


The Protagonists

Andres Alberdi. Manager of the Business Unit of Pagos en Síntesis S.A.

«After several months of local search, Interfell was the expected solution to our human talent needs, since it found the right professional with the necessary requirements in the area of systems development, and with experience in biometrics».

Williams Carrasquero. Computer Engineer / Biometrics Developer

«Although this is the first time I’ve worked in remote mode, I find it quite comfortable. The biometric transactional platform I am working for allows me to capture and verificación fingerprints, documents and faces through the Neurotechnology Biometric SDK 10.0 system. Thanks to this, it is possible to perform 100 verifications per second currently on that platform.»

Abraham Mousalli. Interfell Business Consultant

«Síntesis has shown me that any company can rely on our services because, despite being a profile with such specific and specialized skills, we managed to find the talent that exceeded their expectations. This was achieved thanks to the constant and effective communication that we maintained during the fulfillment of all the phases of the recruitment and hiring process».


The Result

The project is constantly being scaled up and the first inter-operable modules are already successfully completed. This undertaking allows for a global vision of a versatile biometric platform, which adapts to the market and is compatible with current SINTESIS services, improving quality and security indicators, exceeding expectations, so that they can perform economic transactions with greater fluidity and security. At Interfell, we continue to be committed to Remote Work as an effective work mode for any company in Latin America and the world. This is why we consolidate business with innovation companies on a daily basis and connect talents with projects in accordance with their capabilities.

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