Tuten Spa creates app in Alliance with Interfell for Home Services in Chile


Through Remote Work, the Interfell community continues to add to its achievements. In this opportunity, through the recruitment, selection and monitoring of professional talents, forming high-performance cohesive development teams, we achieved together with Tuten SpA the construction of a world-class, modularized and scalable mobile platform to provide services to Latin American companies.


The Goal

The main objective was to build and improve multi-platform applications such as these: Tuten WebApp, Tuten Back Office (Java, Ionic, Angular), and native applications for iOS and Android, thus providing a better service to end users and professionals who make life in the Tuten ecosystem; Allowing Tuten SpA services to enter the corporate world.

The Challenges

Establish a multidisciplinary, trained and committed technology development team.
To build a platform of fast implementation, with a high level UI/UX, allowing a fluid deployment in corporate clients.
Achieve short term commercial results, maximizing the initial investment.


The Solution

Tuten, through Interfell’s support in IT talent acquisition, achieved:

  1. A constant flow of professional talents that added and materialized the development of the applications.
  2. To build the platform with the highest visual and experience standards of the software as a service (SaaS) industry, providing the user companies with great value from the beginning of their operations.
  3. To fulfill the stipulated times for the development of the solutions detonating the fast deployment and commercialization of the applications in the Latin American market.
  4. Make the initial investment profitable by hiring remote talent.


The Key Players

Roi Amszynowski. Co-founder & CEO of Tuten
«Interfell has been a strategic partner throughout this process, supporting Tuten during the attraction, selection and retention of talent in the areas of information technology. We are extremely happy with the support they have given us, which has always been first rate and has fulfilled all expectations. Interfell does a very good job in the talent search and selection processes, providing us with a constant source of prospective and previously filtered talent, and subsequently supporting us in the process of retaining and supervising this talent. We are very grateful for their work and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Brandon Colina. Developer
«My interest in learning new technologies led me to apply through Interfell to companies that help improve skills as professionals in the area of computer science. The experience that I had during 6 months at a distance with Tuten, was not a limitation to fulfill each objective set, due to my advances Tuten offered me the possibility of moving to Chile. When I arrived in Chile I became a leader who managed projects with up to 5 development staff. I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico to bid on projects which were successfully approved.

Ghabriel Villarreal. Developer
«I had not had the opportunity to work with a company abroad through an intermediary company in charge of recruitment and follow-up like Interfell. My experience with Tuten and Interfell has really been quite satisfactory, both have been quite responsive, giving me the support and attention I needed, and following up on the whole process. I feel quite comfortable and would like to continue to develop as a professional on this team.

Andrea Perez. Business Developer at Interfell
«Tuten has become a loyal customer of our service. Over time, they have shown us confidence and responsibility in all the processes involved in our relationship, thus ensuring that we offer complete loyalty to them».


The results

To date, the solution proposed by Tuten has already been implemented in different corporate clients in different Latin American countries, with excellent operational and performance results thanks to this platform. Tuten provides its clients with a series of tools that allow the automation of different areas of the processes related to the execution of services in the field, where work teams must perform recurrent activities remotely. Tuten has achieved only in the last year, to close new contracts in the whole region, all of them with a wide scope and great scalability potential.


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